The Space Between

A Dark Supernatural Roleplay Experience in Second Life

Sim Rules & Community Guidelines

These rules apply to everyone, Roleplayers and Staff alike

Failure to familiarize yourself with these rules on a regular basis is not a valid excuse for violating them. Moderators will always try to issue warnings first when approaching about possible rule breaking. In-World and Discord bans will be issued by an Admin.

Disputes or Complaints

Contact a member of Staff if you have an issue related to The Space Between. When contacting a Staff:

⫸ You possess the Burden of Proof for any complaint or dispute.

⫸ Chat Logs, Screenshots or Photographic Evidence is required to support your complaint.

We cannot promise action without being given all information.

Support Tickets for all issues, concerns or suggestions can be filed in DISCORD in the #get-support channel. If you are experiencing an immediate issue (i.e. something which is of the impending detriment to the state of the sim or players in it such as griefing, reach out inworld or contact Staff via the Discord.


⫸ There is a zero tolerance policy for harassment, bullying, sexual harassment, or hate speech of any kind. Racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism or any similar form of abusive or discriminatory language is in no way tolerated.

⫸ Topics of potentially controversial subjects should stay in direct messages.

⫸ This pertains to both inworld groups, area/nearby chat and discord.


⫸ Roleplay and OOC Chat in The Space Between should be in English.

⫸ Translators are not allowed in place of this.


⫸ Exploitation of unreported bugs or loopholes in the RP System will result in immediate action, not limited to reset of your RP HUD — removal of earned Secrets, Oddments, Titles and Tier Progress.

Keep Your Avatar In-Check

⫸ Your avatar must fall within sim guidlines: no overly toony, anime-style or child-like characters. See Avatar Guidelines for further reference.

⫸ Script count should be kept below 6000KB and 100 scripts.

⫸ Avatar complexity should be 150k complexity or lower.

⫸ Excessive use of gestures, walkers, loud RLV gear, pregnancy bellies or talking pets is not allowed.

⫸ No Bloodlines, Hunger or similar game/combat HUDS or meter weaponry is allowed on sim.

The Space Between Is An Adult Sim

The Space Between is an 18+ community. Minor Players are prohibited from the Discord, SL group, and Sim. Violations will be permanently banned without question.

⫸ Minor Characters are not allowed on the Sim, within discord RP or any associated events. Violations will be permanently banned without question.

⫸ Sex and other NSFW actions and posts are allowed in local chat — same with adult animations.

⫸ Wear appropriate tags and ask in DMs before joining a scene IC — this is not an AFK sex sim.

⫸ Nudity is allowed on sim. Be aware this can have in-character consequences just as anything else.


⫸ Rules are subject to change over time. Be sure to review the rules regularly in the event of additions and changes. You will always be alerted through Discord, The Website, and Inworld Group of any alternation in the rules.

⫸ Staff reserve the rights to remove any problem members from the community. Players who have repeatedly broken rules, are found harassing other players, who are banned and found circumventing bans or blocks, or are in any way griefing or causing sim disruption, will be be removed immediately. Staff may remove players for any reason deemed necessary. The health, well-being and safety of our community is taken very seriously.