The Space Between

A Dark Supernatural Roleplay Experience in Second Life

There's a Gap in Reality...

There's a gap in reality; there's a crack where lost and forgotten things vanish away to...

and sometimes, lost and forgotten people. Turn the wrong corner, or drift away in those quiet moments between dream and wake.

It's easy to find The Space Between, but nearly impossible to leave.

Welcome to The Space Between

The Space Between is a Roleplay sim located in Second Life. Nobody chooses to come, but those who fall into this unreality are bound to it.

This land of forgotten souls is inhospitable and violent. Concepts of existential horror, esoteric strangeness, and loss of humanity or self are at the core of its nature. Darker themes, those involving topics such as power imbalance, violence, or slavery - as well as kink and sexual experiences - are welcome.

What is Unreality?

The Space Between exists entirely outside of reality - an unreality where things aren't always what they seem, and the conceptual can often be more threatening than the tactile. Unreality isn't another dimension; It isn't a physical thing, the same way a thought is not a physical thing. In the way that a thought has no weight, but can impact a life, so too does this unexistence bring its space to heel.

Unreality is nothing and everything. Rules, logic, the most fundamental certainties a person used to do not behave as might be expected. And often, will change without warning.

None are Safe From This Forgotten Place...

The [EYE] Claims whatever it desires. Anything it catches is barred from escape. Any person from any point in time, or existence, might slip past the boundaries of reality. Vanishing into a land unmoored by conventional logic or reason. These unwilling denizens of their new home must do whatever they can to harness the untamed strength festering behind the veil of reality. And, potentially, survive long enough to escape it.

For most, the help of others who have harnessed such strength is required. Creating a contract trading away a name, a memory, or a piece of self that cannot be replaced to someone stronger than you (Potentially, one of the Four Kiths)

Survival in The Space Between always means loosing a part of yourself.

Roleplay in The Space Between

No Application

Create a character in-world with the Sim's Game HUD and begin creating your story right away!

Customize Your Character

Build characters with stats that reflect their abilities so rolling enhances your roleplay.

Choose How You Roleplay

Stick to Freeform, or use the HUD's Conflict System for a more TTRPG experience.

Use Our Automated Game HUD

Enjoy tactical fighting without manual calculation, defensive rolling, or wait times.

Experience A Changing World

Participate in ongoing events, or just use the odd happenings as background for your RP!

Advance Over Time

Equip, Scavenge for, and Create strange objects. Increase your character's power over time!